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Joint Mobilization

Joint Mobilization Laguna Hills, CA

What is Joint Mobilization?

Joint mobilization is the careful use of skilled graded forces to move a joint in a desired direction. Unlike stretching of a muscle joint mobilization is specific to the capsule of the joint itself. Gliding of the joint is usually used to improve motion and normalize joint function. Joint mobilization also has the added benefit of controlling pain.

Which Joints Benefit From Being Mobilized?

Any joint that is lacking sufficient motion may be mobilized. Joint mobilization on the neck, upper, middle and lower back, and sacroiliac joints, as well as to all of the joints of the extremities such as the shoulder, wrist, hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle.

What Happens when a joint has limited motion?

When a joint’s mobility is limited, the structure and function of the region change. Cartilage nutrition starts to decrease within the joint, and other joints begin to move excessively to compensate for the stiff joint. These adjacent joints begin to deteriorate due to overuse. Muscles surrounding a stiff joint lose their ability to contract and relax sufficiently and become tight. With time the whole region is involved in the dysfunction surrounding the stiff joint. Much of the time you feel a sensation of a deep stretch. Sometimes when the joint is mobilized you will feel a “pop” as the joint capsule is released. This may cause anxiety, however this is usually a sign of relief and success. In

What Benefits Are Derived From Joint Mobilization?

  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased muscle spasms & tension
  • Increased freedom of movement
  • Decreased pain

How Is Joint Mobilization Done?

The person is often placed in a position of comfort where they can relax and allow the joint to move freely. The Physical Therapist will use their hands to localize the joint in need of mobilization and apply needed force through his hands in the appropriate direction. As you progress the Physical Therapist may advance to the use of high speed mobilizations.
Indications & Benefits of Joint Mobilization

What is joint mobilization?

You have hundreds of joints in your body. Your body has a variety of types and sizes, such as a “hinge joint” in your elbow, a “ball and socket joint” in your hip, or a “saddle joint” in your thumb. Joints are formed by the articulating surfaces of two or more bones. They depend on a combination of both stability and mobility in order to help you function efficiently and comfortably. Importantly, joints are supported by a wide variety of physiological structures including capsules, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle fibers. Joints can become injured and potentially benefit from physical therapy services, including a service known as joint mobilization.For more information, Contact Us at Laguna Hills, CA Center.

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