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Category: Hip/Knee

Jeanne F.

Jul20th 2020

This is the fourth surgery I have gone to H2 Orthopedics after for my physical therapy. They know exactly what exercises to have you do at the office as well as on your own at home to get you back to your normal full activity level as soon as possible. They have helped me with back surgery, knee surgery, ankle surgery, broken leg, and now total bilateral knee replacement surgery. I would not go to anyone else. I recommend them 110%!!

Marilyn M.

Jul20th 2020

I was referred to H2Orthopedics by my doctor because I had been falling and was very unstable while walking. I have osteoarthritis head to foot and my knees and hips are especially painful. To be honest I wasn't expecting anything very positive out of this therapy as my experience at several other facilities in the past wasn't very good. Now I can sleep through the night without waking up in pain. I actually look forward to my treatments as they make me feel very comfortable there and I can say enough about Larry and Jackie.

Wendy R.

Jul20th 2020

The moment I walked in I felt the fantastic vibes. I had multiple problems including sciatica pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and a newly implanted knee joint. I could barely walk in. To my amazement, they knew exactly how to treat my ailments in a timely and safe manner. I found that within a few weeks, I was painless and amazed at my new physical abilities.