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Jen H.

Jul20th 2020

Larry and the team at H2Orthopedic are not only surpassing typical standards of care; they are establishing new ones. After an 18 month quest to heal a shoulder injury I “accidentally” found H2Orthopedic during a random internet search for aquatic therapy. By the end of my first session, I knew I’d struck gold. Larry’s commitment to superlative client care combined with extraordinary knowledge and skill has been game-changing for me. His team matches that care and commitment with focused, one-on-one sessions that are tailored to the clients’ needs. Mine is unquestionably a complex case and Larry and Stefan have met the challenge with encouragement and consistent precision. The entire staff brings an energy of care and positivity to treatment and seems to have an innate understanding of the power of seeing clients as resourceful and whole even as we are navigating significant challenges. In a matter of a few weeks, my range of motion and pain have significantly improved, and I feel my body awakening and unwinding in a way that eluded me for a long time. I’ve been a full-time practitioner of healing arts for over 20 years and have been fortunate to both train with and be a client of some of the great master healers of the western world. I have a very high bar on what excellence looks like and am not often genuinely wowed. These guys have managed to do just that.