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Jul20th 2020

Larry and Jackie have been amazing. I have broken almost every bone in my body at one time or another which also means I have been to many many Physical Therapy places.

H2Orthopedics are the only reason I can walk and able to go back to work. With all of my multiple ortho surgeries, it is difficult to try and rehab the regular way.  Nine knee surgeries, back surgery and assorted hand, arm, jaw surgeries has left me arthritic and lots of metal. I was blown away at how much I improved with the 93degree pool.  Before coming here, I couldn’t sit on a bike or pedal because of the back and knee pain but now with Larry able to break down adhesions and stretching on land and Jackie increasing my range of motion and muscle endurance as the warm water relaxes my joints. My body feels and functions so much better on PT days.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and non-threatening with the focus of rehabbing without having more pain than what you walk in with.
I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Larry and Jackie, I would be in a wheelchair and massive meds, and instead, I am back to work and able to enjoy life again. I can’t thank them enough!

If you hurt..Check H2Orthpedics out.. You will not be disappointed!!