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Sharon B.

Jul20th 2020

After a broken leg and fractured foot, I was referred to H2Orthopedics in Laguna Hills by another physical therapist. I was impressed with the staff and facilities on the first visit. Physical therapists Larry Lindley (business owner) and Jackie Jennings are phenomenal. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable, providing the attention needed for my mobility challenges (the result of multiple sclerosis).

I have benefitted from the aquatic therapy. With the help of Larry and Jackie, I transfer from my wheelchair to the pool lift. The indoor pool is heated to 92 degrees. The warmth coupled with the buoyancy of my body creates an exhilarating experience. Sessions start with Larry stretching my feet and legs, while seated on the lift in the water. Using floatation devices other exercises are performed. Each visit a variety of exercises are done and the improvement in overall health has been inspirational.

At other times, I have used the H2Orthopedics gym. On one occasion I arrived with a painful right shoulder. Jackie worked on my arm, shoulder and neck. The pain was alleviated and I received instruction on exercises that are done at home. Another time Larry offered outstanding advice how to sit on my wheelchair. Prior to his  observation, my ability to sit was limited. Now, I am comfortable with better posture for many more hours.

My favorite part of physical therapy is the human connection. Larry and Jackie are extremely personable and they provide an environment of professional merriment. After so many years of coping with chronic illness this has been a joyful experience. The sessions are fun and I look forward to each visit. Returning home I have a sense of euphoria. With admiration and appreciation, I offer H2Orthopedics my highest praise and endorsement.